About Karina Schneider

studied communication science, has been reporting on fair trade coffee, the best preparation tips - and machine types - since 2011. The tea lover discovered her passion for coffee (espresso!) at Tchibo. Since then, she has been grinding and brewing her espresso fresh every morning with plenty of pressure. After working at the ARD capital studio, L'Oréal Paris, comdirect bank and Stiftung Rechnen, she has dedicated herself to coffee communication as a speaker for over 10 years - and makes the Germans' favourite drink audible together with Sandra Coy in the Tchibo corporate podcast "5 Tassen täglich". In her private life, she loves Danish Brunsviger, the Swedish archipelago of Bohuslän and climbing in South Tyrol. Lets everything grow in the flower beds or relaxes while jogging, skiing, SUP on the Alster or doing yoga. Has special knowledge in: Dream and sleep research.

About Sandra Coy

has been with Tchibo since December 2008 and is responsible for communicating sustainability issues. So from "cotton in transition" to the supply chain law to reusable bags! The trained journalist originally studied American Studies, then worked in radio and television before really discovering her passion for coffee. She spends her free time in the Alps or on Fehmarn, reading, cycling, hiking or standing on her head. The only thing she doesn't like to do is work in the kitchen.

About Maraike Kahlstorf

has been with Tchibo since March 2020 in Corporate Communication and reports in internal communication on everything that interests and moves Tchibo and beyond. In addition, the communication manager and passionate copywriter supports the spokespersons for non-food and coffee in external communication. When she's not hitting the keys at work, she can be found at various sporting activities, on trips or with friends by the water.

About Andreas Engelmann

started at Tchibo in February 2008 with the topics of coffee and sustainability. At the coffee roaster of hearts, he is the contact person for media questions about the company, logistics, distribution channels, human resources topics, the corporate website and spokesperson for Tchibo MOBIL. He supports Internal Communications and is constantly working on improving his sensory qualities when tasting coffees. At least that's how he tries to justify his high coffee consumption, which is well above the 5 cups a day stated in the Tchibo podcast. 

About Dr. Gerhard Bytof

has been with Tchibo since July 2007, in Coffee Research and Development. The biology graduate knows all the ins and outs of coffee: the plant, the green coffee, the roasted coffee and the beverage - at least in terms of ingredients and their effect on quality and health. As a coffee taster, he says, despite all his efforts, he is just in the upper midfield - which he tries to compensate for with coffee quantity (7 cups a day: filter coffee or Caffè Créma, usually with a dash of milk, or espresso with sugar). If there is no coffee, or no drinkable coffee, then it may also be strong tea (with milk).

Gerhard Bytof spends his free time with his family, gardening (rather wild than accurate), travelling (if not coffee-growing countries, then with pleasure UK and Ireland), reading (thrillers and history) and music (soul, blues, alternative, as well as Brazilian music).

About Shawnee Dierks

started as a human resources trainee at Tchibo in March 2020. In order to make Tchibo even more tangible as an employer, she always skilfully puts her own employees in the spotlight - whether in front of the camera, in various video formats or in articles and interviews. This allows them to tell their very own Tchibo Success Story and inspire the greatest talents for the working world at Tchibo. Outside of work, she enjoys exploring the Hamburg countryside on her bike, the Alster canals on her SUP or trying out new recipes.

About Kim

has been with Tchibo since 2013 and has been professionally at home in the coffee world from the very beginning, or more precisely in the world of coffee preparation. In the marketing department of the Coffee Preparation Systems team, she is responsible for communication and campaign development for all Tchibo coffee preparation products - from fully automatic coffee makers and Cafissimo to hand filters and milk frothers. Kim loves coffee - not only professionally, but also in her private life. So much so that she once missed a flight to Hawaii because of a cup of coffee. But that didn't diminish her love of travelling. Nor could it diminish her love of coffee! ;-)