Since 2008, we have been gradually increasing the share of green coffee grades that are validated or certified by internationally recognised standards organisations. In 2015, the share was 41.2%, up from 34% in the previous year. We obtain our certified coffees from coffee farms that are certified according to the requirements of the following international standards organisations:

Our cooperation partner

Rainforest Alliance: The internationally recognised non-profit organisation Rainforest Alliance supports the sustainable improvement of conditions for people and nature in the countries where the coffee originates.

Fairtrade: Products with the FAIRTRADE seal assure our customers that the livelihoods and working conditions of farmers and employees have been improved by Fairtrade prices and premiums.

UTZ Certified: UTZ certified farmers have been trained to implement better farming practices with respect for people and planet.

Organic: Only products that are produced and certified in accordance with the strict requirements of EU statutory regulations on organic farming are allowed to carry the eco-label.

The Cartoon "Mr. Coffeebean in the country of origin" explains sustainability in coffee cultivation in a charming and fascinating way. Click here for the movie.

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