Become a well-connected all-rounder
Are you curious about and interested in business processes? Do you want to gain practical experience and simultaneously get an academic degree?
Then apply now for the dual degree programme in business administration at Tchibo! Gain fascinating insights into key business areas such as sales, marketing, purchasing and controlling. Take advantage of the variety of tasks and topics arising from our unique range of products and services. You will have many opportunities to use and develop your skills, be it from working in the day-to-day business or on your own small projects in your respective internship department, or on trainee projects that you independently undertake with your colleagues during training. At the advanced stages of your training we help you choose a specific focus, so that you can start immediately in one of our divisions upon graduation. We support your development with appropriate seminars and workshops, pay your course and examination fees, and financially support you in a placement abroad!

Training starts: Every Year on 1 August

Duration: 3 years and 2 months

Application deadline: End of November of the previous year

What you bring: (Technical) A-levels (Abitur) with excellent grades! But we’d also like you to have completed one or more internships to give you a taste of the working world. If you are committed, determined and want to show what you can do, and inspire people with your likeable, communicative manner, then apply now!

Place of training: Tchibo GmbH Überseering 18, 22297 Hamburg

Uni: In addition to the practical assignments (over a period of about 16 weeks each) you will attend the Hamburg School of Business Administration, Alter Wall 38, 20457 Hamburg for approximately 11 weeks per semester (6 semesters in all).

Seminars: In addition to the theoretical phases as part of your dual degree, you will also complete in-house IT and specialist seminars during the practical phase.

If this sounds interesting to you, please take a look at our job listings to see whether we can currently offer you a place. . For more information please call or email the designated contact person responsible for vocational training in Hamburg (see Contacts).