Hamburg, 24 October 2014 - Tchibo has committed to DETOX standard. Following dialogue with Greenpeace Germany, Tchibo is adopting the DETOX standard to avoid unwanted chemicals in textile production as part of its sustainability management programme. In recent weeks, Tchibo and Greenpeace had talked about the commitment to the DETOX standard. Tchibo has developed a plan of action to this effect.

“As part of our sustainability programme, we have been working on excluding unwanted chemicals from our textile production processes for quite some time", says Dr Markus Conrad, CEO of Tchibo GmbH. "As we and Greenpeace have not yet joined the Alliance for Sustainable Textiles, whose objectives were to include the exclusion of unwanted chemicals from global production processes, Tchibo’s adoption of the DETOX standard is a logical consequence."

By adopting the DETOX standard, Tchibo commits to its environmental responsibility on the way to becoming a 100% sustainable business. “The content and very ambitious timeline of the Greenpeace DETOX objectives are a challenge we accept based on our own convictions,” says Achim Lohrie, Director of Corporate Responsibility at Tchibo.

Journalist enquiries:
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