By signing the Detox Commitment in October 2014, we publicly reaffirmed our commitment to avoiding the use of harmful chemicals in textiles production.

Tchibo Detox Commitment 2014

We’d like to keep our progress transparent by publishing documents that were drawn up as part of the Detox project.

Detailed information about our activities can be viewed here.

Detox Progress Report 2016

The Progress Report provides a detailed look at the measures taken to date, the current status quo and an outlook on the future implementation of Detox at Tchibo.

We will publish a yearly follow-up report. The next report will be published at the end of 2017.

Progress Report 2016 (PDF, 920 KB)

Combined Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (Combined MRSL) Version 2.2

In addition to standard testing for harmful substances in products, Tchibo feels it is important to monitor and regulate the use of chemicals in the supply chain. To this end, we have developed a Combined Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL). It lists potentially hazardous substances that can be used in the manufacture of textiles (as well as other consumer goods). The Progress Report 2015 contains further information, e.g. on the method used to create the MRSL.

Combined Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (PDF, 350 KB)

Detox Supplier Handbook

Tchibo has committed itself to eliminate hazardous chemical substances out of our textile supply chains until 2020 to gain transparency over use and discharge of chemicals. The Detox Supplier Handbook contains further information.

Detox Supplier Handbook (PDF, 652 KB)

Closed Loop

Besides avoiding hazardous chemicals, within the Detox project we strive to create closed material and product loops. We want to design and manufacture our products in a way that the resources can be recycled and reused after a preferably long life-time. This aim is announced as part of our Closed Loop Commitment. Regular updates on our progress can be found in our Detox Progress Report.

Closed Loop Commitment (PDF, 250 KB)