Become a sought-after logistics professional!
Wherever our customers buy an item that adds that that little bit extra to life, or ‘just’ enjoy their Tchibo coffee, our task is to make sure they can actually do this. This is where our logistics specialists come into play. They ensure that our coffees and all the clever products we offer beyond coffee are available in the right place at the right time. A mission that is full of challenges!

If you choose to do a dual degree in Logistics Management, you will learn how we master these challenges and how you can help us to keep accomplishing this mission. During your studies, you will complete placements in key areas of our Logistics department, immerse yourself in transport logistics and the management of our various warehouse locations, and experience how we ensure sufficient replenishment for our retail outlets. An excursion to adjoining departments, such as Sales and Controlling, is also on the agenda, because each cog along the supply chain must intersect perfectly with the others so that our online customers, Tchibo shops and retail concessions are reliably supplied with coffee and other Tchibo items. Everywhere you go, you will support experienced colleagues in their day-to-day business, and will soon take over your own smaller projects. Thanks to in-house seminars and projects, you not only learn a lot, but can also exchange ideas with the other apprentices and dual-degree students. We will, of course, pay your course fees. Become a smart logistics expert, equipped with a Bachelor of Science!

Training starts: Every Year on 1 August

Duration: 3 years and 2 months

Application period: Starting one year prior to beginning the training

What you bring: A-levels with good grades and an affinity for complex and technically demanding logistics processes. At the same time, you can get excited about consumer goods (not just in the form of coffee) and/or retail. If your English is at least good, and ideally excellent, you have just about everything you need to join us as a dual-degree student. Provided you are open-minded and committed, enjoy finding solutions while others are still thinking about the problems, and prefer to put ideas into action right away.

Place of training: Tchibo GmbH, Überseering 18, 22297 Hamburg

Uni: Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA), Alter Wall 38, 20457 Hamburg

If you think this might be fun for you, please take a look at our job listings to see if we can offer you a place at this time. For further information, please feel free to call or email (via Contacts) the designated contact for training in Hamburg.