Tchibo offers plenty of room for creativity – and you create additional space.

Tchibo is not only at home in Hamburg, but also has a presence at many Tchibo Shop locations. Accordingly, we already handle the property management for a large number of buildings and branches. Or more precisely, your future colleagues in the Expansion and Property Management department do. And because Tchibo is growing every which way and is opening new Tchibo Shops far beyond the borders of Germany, our demand for real estate professionals is also growing. And that is where we need your talent!

During your apprenticeship, you will pass through the different fields of your department where, under the guidance of experienced specialists, you will be introduced to a wide range of tasks – from contract management and location assessment to leasing a property. You will also spend time in associated departments such as Facility Management, Accounting, and the Insurance team. What's more, you get to spend three weeks with an external real-estate broker to get to know their work – we will provide you with the requisite know-how in extra seminars for apprentices. Of course, you will also attend the vocational school. In this way, you will quickly develop into a property all-rounder and will soon be well-versed at creating lease contracts, managing rental properties, and booking operating costs.

Course starts: on August 1st of a given year Duration: 3 years

Deadline for applications: March 31st of that year

Your skills: You have already laid the foundations for a successful start at Tchibo with your [Abitur] exams – either very good GCSEs or A-levels, or an advanced technical college certificate. Of course, you are passionate about commercial topics and the world of real estate, as everything in your apprenticeship and afterwards will revolve around this. Your written and spoken school English should be at least ‘good’. And the final touches? Your personality! Because you evidently enjoy what you do, work very reliably and accurately, and like dealing with new topics.

Place of training: Tchibo GmbH, Überseering 18, 22297 Hamburg

Vocational school: Besides your in-company training, you will attend the vocational business school (BS 26) at the Tchibo shop at Lutterothstrasse 78–80 in the Eimsbüttel district of Hamburg one or two days a week.

Seminars: During the practical phases of your apprenticeship, you and your fellow apprentices will attend compelling/fascinating/interesting computer/IT and specialist seminars, and acquire important core competencies in jointly executed projects.

If you think you might enjoy an apprenticeship at Tchibo, please check our job board and see if we can offer you a slot right now. For more information, please contact the person in charge of apprenticeships in Hamburg by phone (+49 40 6387 4232) or email.