Demand determines supply, and this supply – i.e. products and services – should be available as quickly and conveniently as possible. Tchibo is a perfect example. Since its founding in 1949, this has been one of the company’s central guidelines.

Max Herz and Carl Tchiling-Hiryan deliberately chose mail order as their delivery system because it was faster, more convenient, and more efficient for customers. It quickly became clear that there was a great deal more potential waiting to be tapped. Over the next decades Tchibo not only extensively expanded both its Food and Non Food ranges, but also spread its distribution system to various reliable channels that have since proven enormously successful. As well as on the Internet via Tchibo direct and countless Tchibo online shops, our products are sold in high street shops such as bakeries, drugstores, in supermarkets and at Tchibo franchise shops.


The scent of ground coffee beans, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and Tchibo’s compelling product realms: the heart of the Tchibo experience beats in the Tchibo shops, where the fascination of coffee is brought to life. The first Tchibo shop opened its doors in downtown Hamburg in 1955 – six years after the company was founded. Today, Tchibo’s 550 or so shops are a familiar sight in German city centres. The Non Food, Coffee and Coffee Bar divisions form an up-to-date and harmonious three-in-one shop concept. A consistent layout helps customers to quickly locate “their” Tchibo product. There are now Tchibo shops in Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Turkey. Regular training ensures our employees meet our knowledge and information standards. This is important, as helpful service should be informative as well as friendly.


Looking for a lucrative entrance into the German market? Tchibo offers you the Commission-based Partner Concept which connects essential parts of franchising with the virtues of a strong partnership. The partner not only benefits from a 99 percent brand awareness in Germany, but also capitalizes from an over decades proven concept. The road to self-employment starts with a beautiful ready-to-go store, provided entirely by Tchibo. If Tchibo caught your interest, please direct all questions about the Commission-based Partner Concept in Germany to


The establishment of concessions, or depots, in bakeries in 1963 marked the start of the large-scale development of the Tchibo coffee roasting distribution network. Today, the customer will find Tchibo products and the Gala von Eduscho coffee assortment at Depot partners from various sectors such as food retail, bakeries and drugstores.


Originally founded as a mail-order company in 1949, Tchibo completely reorganised its mail-order system in 1996. Non Food products could now be ordered through the mail-order magazine in addition to the coffee range. Published monthly, the mail-order magazine presents Tchibo’s coffee range along with four Non Food ranges.
From 1997, Tchibo is also available on the Internet after expanding its direct-to-customer business into the online realm. Customers can browse and order Tchibo roasted coffees, the Non Food range and attractive additional offers online at,,,,,,, and Customers can now conveniently book Tchibo travel or obtain information about other products, all via the Internet. Several times a year, Tchibo runs exclusive online promotions and special offers. Today, Tchibo is one of the most popular online vendors.