The best is yet to come.
First and most important: we can only let you write your final-year project or your bachelor's or master's thesis based on content from Tchibo’s working world if you have completed a minimum internship of three months with us in advance, and were able to convince us during it. Whether and how you do this is then decided in consultation with the relevant department, which will review the topic you wish to write your thesis on and - after verifying requirements and capacity – give it the ‘green light’.

Once this is the case, you can write your paper directly at our company, you will receive an expense allowance, and of course the best possible professional support. This means that the people assigned to you from the department and from HR will provide active support during the time you are working on it – usually a period of between two and six months. So there will be no lack of helpful suggestions, hints and advice.

You are welcome to talk to us about your proposed thesis topic during your internship. After all, we also stand to benefit from your scientific findings. So your plans are of immense interest to us.