Few other beverages have shaped our culture the way coffee has. It is part of our daily life, whether at home, on the road or at work. Because tastes differ, most people have a favourite coffee. And in many cases, they buy it at Tchibo. From the beginning, Tchibo has stood for top-quality coffee and unmatched coffee enjoyment. Customers have always associated Tchibo with extraordinary coffee expertise – a brand they can trust.

Following its successful debut with the Gold Mocca brand, by 1958 the company had already become Germany’s number one purveyor of coffee. In the following years, Tchibo tapped more and more market segments with major coffee innovations.

Tchibo eventually expanded its coffee range and became a full-line distributor by taking over the German coffee retailer Eduscho, which added Gala von Eduscho to its brand portfolio. Tchibo is represented in all classic roasted-coffee segments from decaffeinated coffee to strong espresso.

Tchibo’s sold coffee expertise is founded on a wealth of experience, and serves to bring the impressive world of coffee to life, from its turbulent history, to the painstaking cultivation of coffee plants and the processing of coffee beans, right down to the myriad ways of preparing the beverage.