Into containers for shipping

The coffee beans begin their journey immediately after they are harvested and processed. Raw coffee beans age rapidly and easily absorb external odours and tastes. Our goal is therefore to process the beans as quickly as possible. Careful transport of our coffee from their countries of origin to our roasting plants is an important prerequisite for good coffee flavour.

... and then to the roasting plant

On arrival at the port of destination the precious cargo is placed in temporary storage. A further quality check is carried out on the spot. The beans are then sent to the roasting plant, where they are turned from raw coffee into roasted coffee.

Reduction of CO2 and energy consumption

As coffee only grows near the equator, after harvesting and processing the raw coffee beans still have a long way to go before they reach their port of destination. In shipping our coffee, we therefore pay attention to the environmental impact of our logistic processes. This includes continually improving our transportation processes, taking into account environmental aspects such as reduction of CO2 emissions.

We also continuously review and optimise processes at the roasting plant with a view to environmental aspects. This includes reducing the energy consumed during coffee roasting.