Coffee tasting on the spot

Better safe than sorry: before the beans are roasted, Tchibo puts them through a thorough quality check. Our coffee-tasters taste random samples, roasting and brewing small amounts of coffee from every shipment we receive. The sample tells experts everything about the body, acidity and flavour of the coffee. This allows them to judge each delivery and determine the final recipe for the end product.

Individual roasting

Apart from the final roasting process, the taste of the various provenances (the crop of beans from a given province) depends on the climatic and geographical conditions in the growing countries. Therefore, for its premium ranges, Tchibo individually roasts each provenance. Although this makes for a more complex roasting process, it allows the beans to unfold their respective characters in an ideal way.

Whether mild, aromatic or spicy, specially selected coffees are often composed into exquisite blends. The recipes for these blends are reviewed regularly to ensure that consumers get the brand-specific flavour they have come to expect from ‘their’ variety.

Production according to the International Food Standards

Good to know: our German factories comply with the International Food Standards (IFS 6). Among other things, the IFS impose strict hygiene standards and offer a high degree of transparency throughout the roasting process. Complete documentation makes it possible to trace which raw coffee beans were roasted when and where.