High-quality packaging

Optimum packaging is important to proper coffee enjoyment, because the flavour of coffee is very sensitive to oxygen, humidity, as well as light and heat. To protect the coffee against environmental influences on its journey from the roasting plant to the customer, it is packaged in aluminium-clad or aluminium-coated plastic film. Of course Tchibo guarantees that the packaging is harmless and will not affect the taste of the coffee. The right ‘protective shield’ thus ensures that the quality of Tchibo coffee is preserved as long as possible.

A matter of taste: tips for proper coffee preparation

You yourself can play a part in ensuring the perfect coffee moment at home. A few little tips will help maintain the quality of the coffee and enhance the taste of the finished ‘brew’:

  • Proper storage is the be-all and end-all of aromatic coffee enjoyment. The important point here is to protect the coffee from oxygen, moisture, light and heat. If possible, store your coffee in an air-tight, opaque container made of metal, glass or porcelain. Coffee stays especially fresh if stored in the refrigerator – in this way whole beans keep their full flavour for about four weeks and ground coffee for two weeks.

  • The right grind size depends on the particular blend how it is to be prepared. A useful rule of thumb is: the shorter the brewing time, the finer the grind. In our shops we will be happy to advise you and grind your coffee beans to the desired consistency.

  • Not all brews are created equal - the minerals and salts contained in the water used to brew the coffee contribute to the flavour and mean that the same coffee product can taste different from region to region, thereby always giving it its own special character. Our advice: don’t use boiling water to brew your coffee because this quickly makes it taste bitter.

  • The correct brewing time varies depending on the intensity of flavour. Mild coffee should be brewed for four to six minutes, whereas full-bodied coffees need at least six minutes. If coffee is brewed for too long, it becomes bitter. Too short, and the flavours won’t be able to fully unfold.

  • How much ground coffee should be used per cup depends on the flavour. For coffee that is neither too strong nor too watery, we recommend six to eight grams of ground coffee per cup. Special coffee scoops make it easier to use the correct amount.

  • Freshly brewed coffee tastes best, of course. Thermos flasks also help to keep it warm and aromatic in. If possible avoid using hotplates, as constant heating creates bitter substances, which gradually render the coffee undrinkable.