Quality is also a factor in consultation and sales

Quality at Tchibo doesn’t stop at the production and delivery of high-quality products. Consistent customer focus is a core value in our company culture. We listen to our customers and learn from their suggestions, ideas and wishes.

Really close to our customers

In the Tchibo shops, supermarket and bakery depots and at Tchibo direct sales we take time to deal with your concerns and are happy to help you. If you have any questions about our products, service or other topics, at Tchibo you will always receive professional, competent service from well-trained staff members. The Customer Service section helps you to find the appropriate contact person and contact them directly.

Listening carefully to customers

We’re always eager to learn more about our customers’ wishes and ideas. Our Market Research department regularly conducts surveys and tests, evaluates statistics and analyses trends - all with the aim of constantly improving our product range. Two special projects in this context are the Tchibo Online Customer Survey Centre and ‘Tchibo ideas’.

In addition, our Tchibo shop staff play an important role, because they are in direct and above all personal contact with our customers every day. In the monthly consultation surveys of our shop managers we find out how well our product range was received by customers, and whether there are any suggestions for improvements or wishes regarding future products. This is how we discovered, for instance, that our customers would like to have changing cubicles in the shops.

Good to know

This website also provides an opportunity for you to contribute to the continuous improvement of our offerings. In the Feedback section, we ask you to rate the structure, content and design of this site – and of course you can also contact us directly with your suggestions and ideas.