The exciting path to becoming an expert on office management.

You love to organise things? Are good with numbers? Like to work with people and are never at a loss for words? Then welcome to the world of office communications – and to variety at its finest. For here, during your training, you will get to know a wide range of business divisions and processes.

Prepare the payroll? Manage processes? Monitor appointments? Create mailings, letters, graphics and presentations on the computer? No matter what the task at hand, you will soon effortlessly master them all – as an expert in matters of office management. And you should always have more than just an eye on neatness and adherence to all the specifications.

Specifically, your apprenticeship involves rotations in various departments. You will familiarize yourself especially intensively with two subject areas: payroll and personnel. What exactly does this involve? For example, payroll accounting, time recording, communication with various public authorities, and accounting tasks. And because it is important in this context to be very well versed in and strictly comply with the legal and company requirements, you will address these in great detail. In addition, you will go on trips to our Tchibo Shops and logistics warehouses. In short: you explore the multifaceted landscape that is Tchibo. The ‘extras’ are great, too: accompanying IT and technical training courses, as well as projects with other trainees.

Course starts: As required as of 01 August

Duration: 3 years

Application deadline: 31 July 2018

Your profile: You have left school with good GCSEs (have completed Year 10) and enjoy working with modern communications technology. It is also important that you work accurately and very conscientiously and know how to handle sensitive data responsibly. You are an open, self-confident and sociable person, and perhaps have even completed an internship already.

Places of training: Tchibo GmbH, Überseering 18, 22297 Hamburg

Vocational school: In addition to your on-the-job training you will attend the City Nord Vocational School (BS28)

Seminars: During the practical phases of your training, you and your fellow apprentices will attend interesting IT and specialist seminars and acquire important core skills in joint apprentice projects.

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