Whet our employees’ appetites!
Good, healthy, tasty cooking is an art that you will soon master. But being a cook is not just about conjuring up a variety of dishes, of course. You’ll also soon be managing the kitchen workflows like a pro when you and your team prepare lunch for some 1,300 guests each day in our staff restaurant. You will learn to organise all the steps in compliance with applicable hygiene regulations. To keep preparing surprising culinary delights for Tchibo staff you will plan menus and select ingredients which you then store properly and prepare for serving.

By the way, unlike in restaurants you have regulated working hours in our kitchens. To ensure that you still get to know the ‘à la carte business’, you will spend a few months of your training time with partners (restaurants, hotel kitchens) where you will also work shifts.

Course starts: Every year on 1 August Duration: 3 years

Application deadline: Last day of the previous October

Your profile: You have left school with good GCSEs and have an excellent sense of taste and smell. Of course, you also enjoy cooking, want to prove your creativity, and work well in a team. Previous internship experience in a kitchen is naturally an advantage.

Place of training: Tchibo GmbH, managing City North, Überseering 18, 22297 Hamburg

Vocational school: In addition to your on-the-job training you will attend the State Technical School for Food and Catering (Angerstrasse, Hamburg) on block release.

Seminars: During your training you will take part in the Hamburg Youth Cooking Championships and numerous other cooking competitions as well as the annual teambuilding workshop.

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