Add shelf life to your professional skills!
To successfully sell goods, you first have to stock them - in sufficient quantity and in top condition. Therefore, proper inventory management is extremely important. Our Gallin and Neumarkt sites are the scene of colourful goings-on each day as new products are constantly arriving and being stored, and later shipped as required. It’s vital to always stay on top of things expertly steer all the processes in the warehouse. And that's exactly what your job will be in warehouse logistics.

During your training you will learn what is important for receiving goods and optimally storing, packaging and shipping them. This involves the use of modern forklift trucks. You will also use a computer to monitor the stocks, do inventories, and control the loading and shipping of goods. Also: how will the incoming goods be inspected? How do you process returns, i.e. products that didn’t sell? And what do you need to watch out for to ensure the high quality of Tchibo products? You’ll have the answer to all these questions once you’ve finished your training and are ready to get started as a qualified junior employee.

Course starts: Every year on 1 September Duration: 3 years (Gallin, Neumarkt)

Application deadline: End of May of that year

Your profile: You have left school with good GCSEs (have completed Year 10) and really enjoy working with modern technology. You are open, approachable and enjoy working in a team. Previous internship experience at a retail company or even in a warehouse is an advantage.

Training locations:

Tchibo GmbH, Am Heisterbusch 11, 19258 Gallin

Tchibo GmbH, Max-Herz-Strasse 5, 92318 Neumarkt

Vocational school: In addition to your on-the-job training you will attend the Vocational School of Economics and Management in Schwerin or the vocational school in Regensburg on block release.

Seminars: During your training you will gain your forklift licence (Gallin, Neumarkt) and take a first aid course (Gallin).

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