Thanks to you, everything runs smoothly.
Coffee beans from all over the world arrive at our coffee roasting plant in Berlin, which we roast, refine, and ultimately package and ship as finished Tchibo coffee specialities. And you will soon be joining your colleagues in helping us to ensure a smooth workflow. By setting up our production and packaging machines, operating and maintaining them, or carrying out checks to ensure our coffee is of the highest possible quality.

So during your training you will not only learn the fundamentals of processing, producing and storing food in general and coffee in particular, you will also pay attention to our high hygiene and quality standards. You will spend time in all production areas and learn a wide range of activities: from inspection and storage of incoming raw materials, to sampling and assessment, to setting up the required IT systems. You will also learn what to watch out for in planning production processes and in modifying, setting up, operating and maintaining the technical equipment.

Course starts: Every year on 1 September Duration: 3 years

Application deadline: End of 15 March that year

Your profile: You have left school with good GCSEs (have completed Year 10), especially in science. You enjoy working with food, but also technical processes. You are open, approachable and enjoy working in a team.

Place of training: Tchibo Manufacturing GmbH & Co. KG, Am Oberhafen 2, 12057 Berlin

Vocational school: In addition to your on-the-job training you will attend the college of nutrition and food technology in Berlin on block release.

Seminars: In addition to in-house vocational training on key topics, you have the option of checking out a different food production company for several weeks on an inter-company training. You can even choose to acquire a forklift licence.

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