Everything here revolves around the Tchibo brand, our range of Coffee, Non Food and Services (Tchibo Travel, Tchibo Energy, Tchibo Mobile) – and our customers. After all, our declared mission is to offer our customers the best coffees and a new product world full of surprises, week after week. And the way to achieve it is to ensure an optimal interplay between all participants across the process chain. This means cogs interlocking perfectly one with the other, from development, purchasing, manufacturing and quality assurance through to marketing. Or rather: a lot of different talents work hand in hand to achieve ideal results. We can only actually meet our high standards of product quality, exclusive production and consistent communication in our advertising messages through genuine teamwork.

Job opportunities: ● Purchasing ● Research and development ● Innovations ● Design ● Market research ● Quality management ● Product management ● Brand management ● Coffee export ● Digital marketing ● Media management ● Packaging ● Corporate branding