Can there be anything better than to be involved in producing one of the world’s most popular beverages? The 370 or so employees in our production network would answer with a resounding ‘no’! Their strong identification with the product, along with their skills and experience, are what makes us a premium manufacturer. So obviously the highest quality standards apply throughout Production, where we process about 50 different types of green coffee: at our plant in Hamburg, the home of Tchibo coffee; our production plant in Berlin; and our sites in Poland and Russia.

In Berlin alone, about 80 people work on six production lines to ship each 100 million packs of coffee a year around the world. Our original Hamburg plant sports an even bigger production volumes and wider range of products. About 100 people work here on nine packaging lines 24 hours a day, roasting and grinding to make top-of-the-line coffee specialties that must pass a variety of flavour and quality tests. And there are plenty of these at Tchibo. All production facilities are centrally controlled from Hamburg to ensure optimum utilisation. As you can see, there are a multitude of tasks across the entire production process.

Job opportunities: ● Engineering ● Production control ● System operation ● Quality Assurance ● Operations and materials management ● Automation technology ● Food technology ● Health and safety ● Logistics ● Maintenance