When we say that we offer our customers different theme worlds with as many as 80 product groups 52 weeks a year; that in Germany alone we handle the demand-driven supply of fresh coffee and new products to more than 800 Tchibo Shops and 29,000 shop-in-shop locations; and we ship more than 10 million packages a year to our retail customers, this means one thing above all: a plethora of logistical challenges.

Demand-driven, flexible and networked logistics form the basis of Tchibo’s unique multi-channel sales system. If you also add in our integrated supply chain from plantation to point of sale and end user, you can imagine why we need experts to strengthen every link in our supply chain - and to manage processes that leave nothing to be desired with respect to efficiency, cost, timeliness and quality. Whether you manage our items’ journey from production to our central warehouse, devote yourself to distribution logistics, or prepare the logistics behind our further expansion abroad: responsible tasks await you in supply chain management and operational execution.

Job opportunities at the Hamburg Head Office: ● Transport management ● Replenishment ● Intralogistics ● Supply chain management for the Direct Business, stationary retail and procedurally integrated international subsidiaries ● import and export management ● Master data logging ● Damage management ● Environmental protection

Job opportunities at the Tchibo logistics centre in Gallin and the Tchibo distribution centre in Neumarkt: ● Warehouse logistics ● Picking ● Automation technology ● Returns processing