Our Corporate Development department operates from our head office and reports directly to the CEO. Here, as a generalist you will ensure the success of the widest variety of strategic projects across departmental, site and country borders. This means no two days are ever the same when you and your colleagues identify business opportunities, develop strategies and promote their systematic implementation with the departments - until you can see the results. The issues you cover range from expansion into international markets, M&A activity and the identification, evaluation and development of new business to product expansion and process design. This will help you to quickly develop the necessary internal expertise and give you deep insights into the organisation of Tchibo GmbH. It goes without saying that your role makes you an important point of contact and consultant both for the operational departments and the Executive Board. Clearly, this is an ideal career platform to recommend you for more advanced tasks in the operational management of the Tchibo Group.

Job opportunities: ● Business development ● Business strategy ● Corporate management ● Project management ● Research