Without our Central Services, the infrastructural units of our organisation, nothing at Tchibo would work. They consist of various functional units whose teams support the company’s revenue-generating units as internal service providers and partners. They include:

Corporate Purchasing: This is where the company’s goods and services are purchased and decisions are made regarding sourcing markets and selection of suppliers – based on an indicator-driven procurement strategy that is consistent with the company’s principles and values. The focus here is on analysing, designing and optimising procurement processes across the value chain.

Job opportunities: ● Procurement● Sourcing ● Strategic purchasing ● Operational purchasing

Tchibo Shop construction: The construction and expansion of our 800 Tchibo Shops in Germany does not happen by magic, but by the hard work of our Tchibo Shop construction team in close cooperation with Systems Architecture. This is where the shop-fitting concepts (new construction and conversion) are put into practice and the technical maintenance work is coordinated. As designers of the ‘beacons of the Tchibo brand’, the team creates the stage on which we present our product worlds. It’s understood that minimising construction costs and tough but always fair negotiations with manufacturers and suppliers are an important topic in this context.

Job opportunities: ● Construction planning ● Construction ● Technical services ● Administration

Legal: The range of content covered by our Legal Department could hardly be more diverse. From General Terms and Conditions to purchasing law, corporate law, antitrust law, compliance management, contract law, contract management, product liability, competition law, commercial legal protection and rental law - our lawyers process all of the company's legal matters. To that end, our Legal department provides practical advice to all departments and drafts in-house regulations.

Job opportunities: ● Jurisprudence ● Legal work ● Administration

Human resources: Our HR staff is responsible for inspiring the right people for Tchibo and helps to keep them with the company long-term. It supports managers in staff development and advises them on strategic HR issues, supports processes of change and promotes a corporate culture in which teams work with passion on the best ideas and on putting them into practice.

Job opportunities: ● Personnel marketing ● Recruiting ● Staff development ● Administration ● Wage and salary accounting ● Compensation & benefits ● HR controlling