An intact environment is essential if our business is to be fit for the future. A top priority for Tchibo is therefore to continue expanding our protection of the climate and conservation of resources in our supply chains, at our locations, as well as in the transport and shipping of our products.

Saving energy, reducing emissions

Our long-term vehicle fleet strategy is designed to steadily minimise CO2 emissions in the area of ​​mobility. By reducing the fuel consumption of Tchibo’s vehicle fleet, CO2 emissions have been reduced to 116g/km.

Transport and shipping  

Our Logistics Towards Sustainability (LOTOS) project, launched in 2006, has reduced transport-related carbon emissions by 27% (relative) by streamlining the efficiency of our transport processes.

Conserving resources, protecting the climate

In Germany and the vast majority of our international business units, magazines and all advertising material have been printed exclusively on FSC®-certified paper since 2013.

Since 4 January 2016, we have no longer provided free disposable plastic bags to our customers in our Tchibo shops in Germany. We are also championing resource efficiency in connection with to-go cups at our Coffee Bars. Since August 2015, customers have been able to bring in their own reusable cups for refills.

Our Sustainability Report 2015 provides comprehensive information.

Facts and figures

• Since 2008, we have exclusively purchased 100% green electricity at all Tchibo locations in Germany.
• By reducing energy consumption and optimising processes at our two roasting plants, we have reduced specific CO2 emissions by 1.5% per ton of roasted coffee.
• Since 2012 we have posted all our letters and packages exclusively using the ‘GoGreen’ programme offered by Deutsche Post DHL.
• In 2015, 68% of our paper consumption was covered by recycled or FSC®-certified paper.