Wherever there’s an electrical current, you dive right in!

Tchibo is full of surprises. With a never-ending array of new ideas that we bring all the way to the selling shelves with the passion and great dedication of our employees bis ins Regal bringen.Lassen auch you sich von hochwertigen coffees and an unmatched diversity of products and services. Seize this opportunity to pursue personal and professional growth as you work with great colleagues, and discover your own passion for Tchibo.

We’ll make sure you’re plugged in

Our logistics centre is chock full of technology – and therefore full of opportunities to prove your technical talent! From power supply to building systems, from industrial production facilities to automation and communication technology: you will soon know how all the various electrical systems are installed, serviced and repaired. And since IT components have become an integral part of modern machinery, you will also receive top-of-the-line training in matters of programming and system configuration. As you will see, a lot has to be done to ensure the smooth running of all processes in a company.


You begin your apprenticeship by learning the most important techniques and skills and delving deep into the inner workings of our modern industrial installations. In this way we gradually build your fitness for the more complex tasks, which you initially master in collaboration with your experienced colleagues. Eventually, you will be able to independently mount the various devices and systems, put them into operation, and quickly eliminate any malfunctions. After your training, we’d love to recruit you to strengthen our team.

Course starts: On 1 September of each year

Duration: 3.5 years

Application deadline: End of March of the same year

Your profile: In addition to a good secondary school (Realschule) certificate diploma with high marks in mathematics, physics and English, we expect you to wow us your interest in technology, especially the fields of electrical, electronics and IT. Are you diligent and thorough in your work? Then you’re a good match for us! Obviously, any previous internships in a technical environment would also be beneficial.

Place of training: Tchibo GmbH, Am Heisterbusch 11, 19258 Gallin

Vocational school: In addition to your in-house training, you will attend blocks of lessons at the Vocational School for Technology in Schwerin.

Seminars: During the training, you will complete a First Aid course and attend exciting seminars at a training centre in Schwerin.

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