About Tchibo

Tchibo GmbH is based in Hamburg, Germany. Founded in 1949 by Max Herz, the brand Tchibo has been synonymous with freshness and quality in the coffee market for more than 70 years. Originally a coffee mail-order firm, it has evolved into an international company and operates in many more business sectors than the traditional selling of coffee. Over the years Tchibo has systematically expanded its range and distribution paths, ensuring diversity and quality all over the world with its strong brands.

As one of the largest German retailers Tchibo operates more than 900 own shops covering a wide range of hardware products, textiles and coffee - over 500 of them with integrated coffee bars. Besides its own stores, Tchibo products are sold via approximately 24,200 points of sale at retailers, supermarkets and on the Internet via the Tchibo online shop. The company has an international presence with more than 320 additional own shops in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland and Turkey. Tchibo has over 11,318 employees and an annual revenue of €3.25 billion (2022).

Tchibo offers its customers a unique and weekly-changing assortment of non-food products. Products are specially developed in regard to design, features, materials and packaging, meet strict quality standards and are manufactured exclusively for Tchibo. The diversity of weekly themes over the course of the year, ensures that there is something for everyone.

In addition, Tchibo is the world’s fourth-largest coffee producer and sells coffee brands such as, Tchibo, Davidoff Café, Eduscho, Jihlavanka and Qbo. The company is market leader for roasted coffee in Germany, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic and also exports coffee products globally, including China and Hong Kong.


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