Tchibo is not only known for its high quality standards, but also for the strong belief in sustainability, which has been an integral part of Tchibo’s corporate strategy since 2006. On our path to a 100% sustainable business, we take into account the effects that material processes and products have on human well-being and the environment.


In 2008, Tchibo launched the “Worldwide Enhancement of Social Quality” Programme (WE). The main philosophy behind WE is that improvements can only be achieved by means of dialogue between factory workers, managers and owners. Most Tchibo suppliers have successfully participated achieving mutual benefits for all parties involved. To learn more about the WE programme, please click here.

In addition, Tchibo has joined multiple industry-wide initiatives over the years such as ACCORD on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh, DETOX by Greenpeace, Partnership of Sustainable Textiles, ACT for living wages and other initiatives. Tchibo also sets high priorities selecting sustainable materials such as OCS, GOTS, CmiA, Appachi, FSC, etc., increasing their share continuously. To find out more about Tchibo’s sustainability strategies and activities please click here.