Bio; Bio-Zeichen; Bio-Siegel; Siegel Bio; EU-Siegel; Tchibo

Bio: Only products that are cultivated in a certified organic way and meet the demands of the EU Eco Directive can carry the Bio seal. With its range of organic Bio coffee, Tchibo promotes cultivation that is especially in harmony with nature.

Fairtrade; Transfair; Tchibo Verantwortung
Fairtrade: Together with Fairtrade, we promote the interests of Fairtrade small farmers in the coffee sector. In this way Tchibo takes on responsibility and contributes towards improving their living and working conditions. The independent Fairtrade mark gives our customers the assurance that they are buying excellent products which meet the international standards for fair trade.

Rainforest Alliance; Kaffee ökologisch; Kaffee nachhaltig; Tchibo
Rainforest Alliance Certified™: In the Rainforest Alliance, Tchibo has found a partner that is committed to environmentally and socially responsible – yet commercially successful - methods of coffee cultivation. The Rainforest Alliance’s green frog seal stands for a safe and sound habitat for humans and nature.

UTZ Certified: UTZ certified farmers have been trained to implement better farming practices with respect for people and planet. UTZ Certified is a program and label for sustainable farming worldwide, now and in the future.

4C Association: The 4C system is a basic concept that supports the continuous improvement of the social, economic and ecological conditions in the coffee sector. The living conditions of the producers as well as their access to the market should be improved in the long term and the environment should be protected. The 4C Association works with a practically-oriented, transparent and reliable system. It provides information about sustainability in the coffee trade of the global market and supports companies in assuming social and ecological responsibility.