Garantie; Tchibo Garantie; Garantie Siegel; Garantiezeit; 3 Jahre Garantie
3-year guarantee: Almost all electrical, electronic and optical appliances, as well as technical and mechanical hardware, are covered by a 3-year guarantee. For all other products, please see the guarantee length stated. The guarantee mark indicates the time period in which you can exercise the warranty. The legal warranty rights will not be affected by this guarantee.

Altersempfehlung; Spielzeug Alter; Spielzeug Tchibo
Age recommendations (toy): An age classification is always specified for toy products. It must state whether a product is suitable for children under three years or not. Tchibo goes beyond the legal requirements: our toys come with age information that tells you the ages for which we recommend use of this product. For example, if it says ‘2+’ it means that we recommend the toy for children over 2 years old.

Mindesthaltbarkeit; Tchibo Produkte; Verwendungsdauer; Produktsiegel
Shelf life and maximum period of use: The statutory minimum shelf-life indicator gives information about the date up to which consumption or use is recommended for the article. For example, a best-before date must be displayed for cosmetics with a shelf life of less than 30 months. If an item has a shelf life of longer than 30 months, then the manufacturer must additionally specify its maximum period of use after it has been opened, by including a symbol of an open container with a number of months.